Electrical Calibration


Calibration Specialists Ltd. provides performance testing and calibration on a wide range of electrical instruments. We provide electrical calibration for instruments manufactured by Fluke, Megger, Isotech, Keithley, Tektronix, Agilent, HP, Keysight, Thurlby Thandar and many more. If you don’t see your instrument’s make listed here don’t worry because we’re constantly extending our capabilities. If you’re still not sure, please ask!

Quality Assurance

Calibration Specialists Ltd. maintains an ISO 17025 quality management system and we are accredited for Electrical Calibration. Being ISO 17025 accredited means that our calibration methods, equipment and personnel have been independently audited. Our measurement capabilities are precise, accurate and repeatable. We receive our accreditation from the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB) which is the Irish equivalent of the United Kingdom Accreditation Board (UKAS).  ISO 17025 is an international standard.

Our Scope of Accreditation includes DC current, voltage and resistance. In addition we are accredited for AC current, AC voltage and frequency. We can provide accredited calibration of multimeters, loop, resistance and impedance testers, oscilloscopes, power supplies, counters, wrist strap testers and many more.

In addition to our INAB Accredited Electrical Calibration Services, Calibration Specialists Ltd also provide Traceable Electrical Calibration Services. All our Traceable electrical calibration services meet ISO 9000 requirements.

We calibrate the following instruments:

Function Generators
Ac/Dc Potentiometers
Ac/Dc Bridges
Power Supplies
Precision Resistors
Signal Sources
Transducer Indicators

Transducer Calibrators
Conductance Boxes
Frequency Standards
Dc Shunts
Resistance Boxes
Instrument Calibrators
Volt Ratio Boxes
Waveform Measuring Instruments
Frequency Meters
Graphic Recording Instruments
Current Meters
LCR Meters

Resistance Meters
Frequency Counters
Clamp Meters
Capacitance Meters
Current Meters
Voltage Meters
Wrist Strap Testers
Loop Testers
Portable Appliance Testers
Electrical Safety Compliance Testers

If you need to calibrate an electrical instrument that is not listed here, the best thing to do is ask! Please contact us for more information.