Traceable Calibration

Traceable Calibration
In addition to our Accredited Calibration Services, Calibration Specialists Ltd also provide Traceable Calibration Services. All our Traceable Calibration Services meet ISO 9000 requirements.

On site at the clients’ premises, or in our laboratory, our Traceable Calibration Services consist of:

Electrical Calibration
DC to LF up to 20kV
RF up to 23GHz

Dimensional Calibration
Length up to 1m
Torque up to 1k•N
Force up to 5kN
Scales up to 300kg

Force Calibrationn
Up to 5KN

Light Calibrationn
Photometric up to 30 cd

Torque Calibration
Torque up to 1000 N•m
Force up to 5kN
Scales up to 300kg

Time Calibration
Measure up to 24 Hours

Temperature Calibration
-600°C to 1000°C

Weight Calibration
Scales up to 300Kg

Pressure Calibration
Pressure up to 700Bar
Vacuum to -1Bar

Optical Calibration
Fibre Optic Power up to 1550nm
Radiometric up to 30cd
Photometric up to 30cd

Fiber Optics Calibration
Up to 1550nm